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  • 'Listen to the local radio stations whilst you surf the web'

    2 Day Fm Radio BulaFM Radio Gold Fm Radio Mirchi Radio
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Fiji Sun News Sports
    • Stinson Parade waterway: No-Go zone
      Update: 4:15PM PEOPLE using the waterway beneath the Stinson Parade Bridge in Suva have been warned by the Fiji Roads Authority not to use the route.
    • FRA to identify suitable contractor
      Update: 4:08PM FIJI Roads Authority general manager Network Operations and Maintenance Aram Goes says the FRA is in the process of identifying suitable local contractors to carry out maintenance work on faulty lights around the country.
    • Rabi VCO profitable
      Update: 4:00PM THE Virgin Coconut Oil factory on Rabi made a good profit last year.
Fiji Times
Fiji One News
  • Sunday, 01 Jan 2017 00:00 – Friday, 31 Mar 2017 23:59


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